Fire Protection Services

What are fire protection services?

Fire protection services represent passive and active fire protection. Both of them are used together for the protection of buildings, ships, or facilities. Services providers will either help with the setup of structures, components, and systems, or sell them, but in most cases they offer both.

  • Passive fire protection and active fire protection

Passive fire protection or PFP consists of the way the structure of the whole building is designed. Usually these are fire structures put into smaller fire parts found at one or a few locations in the building which help in stopping the fire from spreading faster from its origin. It also provides extra time for evacuation in case of emergency. Some of the unmissable parts of PFP structures are firestops, intumescent, endothermic, firestop pillow, fireproofing, fire rated doors in for Sydney businesses, and fire-resistance rating. In some cases, the structures are put into walls or floors to make them fire resistant.

On the other side, active fire protection or AFP includes all components and systems that work only when there is a required amount of shifting around them, which is different from passive fire protection. Said components and systems can be divided into fire alarms, fire alarm systems, fire alarm control panels, fire detection, fire sprinklers, sprinkler systems, external water spray systems, and smoke alarms.

  • Fire protection service providers in Sydney, Australia

Some of the most reliable and best reviewed fire protection service providers in Sydney are Fire Protection Services Sydney (Control Fire Protection), All Fire Services and Eagle Fire Protection.

Control Fire Protection takes pride in their products and services. Their products are used in living areas but are also for commercial use, while they offer specialised services to various industries.

Being part of the Fire Protection Association Australia, All Fire Services offers a great level of fire protection services. Since 2008, they have been providing a wide range of services such as fire consultants, fire protection inspections, smoke alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and plans for evacuation in case of emergency.

Local Fire Protection is one of the oldest companies who has been providing fire protection services since 1998. Their services are specialised for the maintenance of both passive and active fire protection components, supply and installation of said certification of building’s level of fire resistance, and design of plans for fire systems and emergency evacuation services.

Of course, these are not the only companies, there are actually quite a few of them. Other companies worth mentioning are Simmons Fire Protection, Pro Fire Protection Services, Negative Fire Protection, to name just a few. All of these companies offer services that are a mixture of those described above, but all of them help in keeping facilities safe.