Things to Consider When Selecting Long Term Storage Units

Several reasons can make you have a dire need of long term storage units to keep your belongings. Long term storage units are significant when you want to store all the things that are making your house look squeezed. In case you live in a place where there are different seasons in the year, you will have to buy clothes and home appliances that will help you survive in these seasons. For this reason, there will be clothes and devices that you will not be used during some seasons and for this reason, you will require to put them in a place where they will be safe for a long term until when you need them during the season you need to use them. Without long term storage units, it will be challenging for you to store the belongings in an orderly manner.


Other people decide that the things that occupy the most spaces in their house should be moved in a long term storage unit until they move to a bigger house. Whatever the case, you need to be very careful when you are selecting a long term storage facility to store your belongings. Since there are so many long term storage facilities, you should be very keen when you want to select the facility to store your goods. Several factors will help you in choosing the long term storage unit that is best to use. These factors include:

Consider the location of the unit

Although there are so many long term storage facilities, they are all located in different places. There are long term storage facilities that are located near your home while others are too far from your home. For this reason, you need to consider the distance from your home to the long term storage facility you are about to select. The location of the facility determines whether you can easily access the items you will store in the facility when you need them. In case you choose a unit that is very far from your home, you will have to drive to the facility thereby wasting your money and time unlike when you select a long term storage facility that is next to your home.


The next thing that you need to consider after locating the long term storage facility is whether you can afford the amount of money that is being charged. This is because the facilities charge differently depending on the type of facilities that you choose. The facilities also have different ways of charging their customers. For instance, some facilities ask you to pay them every week while others charge you every month. In case you get paid at the end of the month you should go for the long term storage unit that will require you to make payments every month. Avoid selecting a long term storage unit that is too expensive for your pocket.


All the long term storage facilities have different modes of operations, and hence, you can only access the facilities at the agreed time. Always choose the long term storage facility that allows accessing whatever you have stored at a convenient time.


Although you will be storing your belongings away from home, it does not mean that they should not stay safe. For this reason, go for long term storage at Betta Self Storage because it is located in a safe environment, has security guards, and is surrounded by a fence. This will ensure that your items are safe.

The reputation of the facility

You must consider what other people who have stored their goods before in the facility say. Are they recommending you to keep your goods there or not? Ensure that you also check through the online reviews so that you can identify the best long term storage for you.