Tips for storing your boats in Sydney

Boating is one of the best ways to spend quality time. Whether you like making solo trips to practice your fishing skills or love taking all and sundry on a joy ride, boating can provide anyone with hours of interesting activities. However when all the fun is done and over with and the weather turns colder or too warm to enjoy a boating session, you might need to consider storage options for the vessel. Not giving proper attention to the right storage conditions could cause a great deal of damage to your boat

The following are a few tips to help you make the right decision when it comes to boat storage options in Sydney.

  • Before you consider finally putting your boat away for the season, it’s advisable to take one last trip. This would allow you to make a last trip to enjoy but also help you be aware of any problems in the vessel. It would help give you an idea if there is anything which needs to be fixed. Always get all things checked and rectified before putting away the boat. Sometimes a small problem when attended to on time can prevent further damage. Tis way you can be assured that the next time you take your boat out of storage it’s ready for the trip to the sea.
  • Once you have taken care of the above, it’s necessary to have your boat cleaned by a professional. You just have to pay a small service fee and your boat would be as good as new. However some people prefer cleaning the boat on their own. This is a great option if you have enough time on your hands. Don’t forget to clean all the gunk which accumulates on the lower surface of the boat. There are special cleaning agents available which help dissolve all the dirt and grime attached to the boat. Once you are done with the exterior, also make sure the interior is spick and span as well. Close the refrigerator and have it wiped up carefully.
  • Once you are done with the cleaning make sure that boat is completely dry. Placing a wet boat in storage could cause mildew and grime to build up on the boat. When you take it out of storage you might have to face musty smell and a sticky mess which would need to be cleaned. So always make sure there is no moisture on the boat or in the storage space as well.
  • Don’t forget to change the oil before putting the boat in storage. An oil change is just as important for a water vessel as it is for a car. Any water or acid in the oil can damage the equipment. So just to make sure that things are all good, get someone to change the oil.
  • Once all that is done, the final things to be done is to give a fresh wax coating to the boat and then covering it up. This would ensure that the next time you want to use your boat its trip ready and there are no problems.

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